Big Family

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Big Family

Imagine a family unlike any other family, still managing to be pretty normal. You‘ve just tuned into one of Brazil‘s biggest hits: Big Family, a humorous portrait of a middle-class family which, though totally chaotic and loaded with problems, ends up being very united.

Lineu, the head of the family and quintessential patriarch, acts like a father to everyone in the house, including to his street-wise son-in-law, the hilarious Agostinho. Lineu is as methodical and straight-laced as Agostinho is roguish and full of mischief. Lineu is married to the sweet Nené, and unlike most long-married couples, they are still passionately in love.

Bebel is their dreamer daughter whose head is constantly in the clouds. And, of course, she could only be married to Agostinho. This family couldn‘t be complete without the eternal teenager Tuco, a real mommy‘s boy who doesn‘t get any breaks from his dad. But the Big Family doesn‘t stop here. It takes over the entire neighborhood, captivating house after house. Just, as it will captivate your audience!

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