Slaps & Kisses

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Slaps & Kisses

Slaps and Kisses is an incredibly funny series about friendship and the unexpected elements of love in the lives of inseparable friends Sueli (Andrea Beltrão) and Fatima (Fernanda Torres). Clad in their identical uniforms, they work at Djalma Brides helping brides-to-be fulfill their dreams with the perfect wedding dress. In the process the girls hope to find their own prince charming, which proves to be no easy task.


Sueli was married for two months to fun Jurandir, a slacker who avoids work at all cost.  He never fails to torment her life, especially since he is a waiter at the restaurant next door to Djalma Brides. Although she is still attracted to him she’ll be smitten by Jorge, a handsome newcomer who arrives to cause a stir in her bachelorette life. Outspoken Fatima has to deal with the quirky situations of dating Armane, a seductive married man who swears that someday they´ll have a relationship that goes beyond working hours. He owns a gift shop nearby and they are either constantly swearing love to one another or at each other’s throat. Djalma and Flavia make up the lovey-dovey married couple who own the wedding dress store. Flavia, who is also an employee at the store, doesn´t cut the girls any slack and loves to boss them around.  


The girls love to hang out and eat at Chalita’s restaurant, the place next door. Chalita is an offbeat widower who has a crush on Sueli and is in pursuit of a wife to make him happy. Sueli can count on Saint Anthony, who comes to life and gives her bold advice on love or listens to her repeated complaints about the men in her life.  But eventually, in the second season, all of the girls’ romantic efforts pay off when Sueli marries Jorge and Fatima marries Armane in one outlandish ceremony. But that doesn’t mean the girls will have it any easier, they must now adapt to the rollercoaster of married life. 


Expect even more outrageous situations as these two zany women get their husbands into the many mix-ups they must later go out of their way to sort out. Despite all their romantic setbacks Fatima and Sueli never lose their sense of humor in a hilarious attempt to handle their love lives. In Slaps and Kisses, two renowned comedy actresses provide loads of laughs and romantic fun for everyone.


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  • Format: 72 x 30' HD
  • Director:  Mauricio Farias
  • Author:  Claudio Paiva