The Cariocas

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The Cariocas

"The Cariocas", a series in ten stand-alone episodes, tells the story of ten modern-day women against the beautiful backdrop of Rio de Janeiro and its stunning urban landscapes. Our protagonists are uninhibited, adulterous, vindictive, suicidal, envious, brides, betrayed, deluded. Women with distinct beauty and quaint peculiarities, each one has a particular way of life.


All of them are very different, but they have one thing in common: they live their conflicts and loves with great intensity and their personalities converse with the geography of their neighborhoods. Each episode is full of sensuality and presents the day-to-day of these wonderful women, who have different ways of facing their challenges, always from the perspective of their values.


Blending strong sensual appeal and sophistication, and starring a cast of TV Globo‘s top names, "The Cariocas" brings an innovative view on two of Rio de Janeiro‘s most famous attractions - its beauty and its women.

The Cariocas. Every woman has a little bit of Rio.

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  • Format: 10 x 25 HD
  • Director:  Daniel Filho
  • Author:  Euclydes Marinho