Cat‘s Cradle

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Cat‘s Cradle

Imagine a strong and tender hearted woman, a confused man  and a villain capable of everything to get money. We have the perfect love triangle to a classic love story. "Cat‘s Cradle" tells the tale of a man that hits rock bottom and manages to bounce back through true love. Gustavo, once a poor, kindhearted youngster, is now a successful entrepreneur in the perfume business, but has turned cruel, arrogant and miserable. Alcino, his best friend and partner, helped him achieve his present success. When he finds out that has a fatal disease and has a few months to live, he decides to play a prank on Gustavo to help him rediscover the decent man he once was and the joy of living he once had.

Gustavo is married to Veronica, a rich, selfish, spoilt and ambitious woman who has never loved her husband. The prank played by Alcino takes an unexpected turn when Veronica, the story‘s great villain, interferes, manipulates the surprise, makes Gustavo lose almost everything, be mistaken for dead and accused of a crime.

While trying to pick up the pieces of his life, Gustavo meets Rose, a simple, hard-working woman who raises four kids by herself with great spirit and optimism. Because of her good heart, she starts to help Gustavo and to put his life back together. Gradually, feelings sprout between the couple, leading our hero to rediscover his humanity through the hands of this newfound love.

A contemporary and urban telenovela, "Cat‘s Cradle" blends suspense, twists, surprises, redemption and romance to produce a stirring story of love reborn. 

Cat’s Cradle. An entrapment opens the doors to redemption.

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  • Format: 110 x 45’
  • Director:  Ricardo Waddington
  • Author:  Duca Rachid and Thelma Guedes