India - A Love Story

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India - A Love Story

A groundbreaking TV production by world-renowned author Glória Perez (The Clone), "India-A Love Story" is a contemporary story set in Brazil and India, a thrilling tale exploring the clash between different cultures and traditions.


The main plot centers on the story of Raj, a young and traveled Indian executive from a caste of merchants divided between Western and Eastern values, and Maya, a modern, studied and working Indian girl from the same caste who has always believed she would choose her husband.


Raj is in love with Duda, a modern and independent Brazilian girl who suffers with the prejudice of Raj´s family. Maya is in love with Bahuan, an impetuous and well-educated Indian dalit whose lack of caste turns him into a social pariah. Bahuan can‘t forget the humiliations he lived in his childhood for being considered impure for the Hindu society. Bound by tradition, Raj and Maya are forced to deny these loves, considered forbidden.


Hence, Raj and Maya stories collide: their families negotiate their marriage and they are forced to leave these impossible loves behind. Will they be able to build a new real love relation? Will they be able to keep secrets from their past from coming to light and destroying their newfound feelings?


Filled with swirling color, music and movement, "India - A Love Story" is the winner of 2009 International Emmy Awards for Best Telenovela. A spellbinding tale that grips the audience from beginning to end.


Different traditions and cultures collide in a fascinating love story. India – A love story.

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  • Format: 160 x 45’ HD
  • Director:  Marcos Schechtman
  • Author:  Glória Perez
  • Available in:  spanish and portuguese