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Globo announces ‘Time After Time’ for the NATPE 2017

11 January, 2017

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With a classic love story and a plot twist, the telenovela delights and innovates with its narrative divided into two time periods

Globo discloses another product that will be part of its official catalog for the NATPE 2017: ‘Time After Time,’ a telenovela which tells a love story that survives and overcomes the barriers of time. Set in two moments, the plot tells the story of the couple Livia (Alinne Moraes, ‘The Illusionist’) and Felipe (Rafael Cardoso, ‘Empire’). Prevented from living a love story in the 19th century, they are given a second chance 150 years later, in a twist of fate, when their souls come back to a completely different context, history, and environment, but with a love just as intense and true as before. 

‘Time After Time’ features a well-tied narrative, with a plot that encourages the audience to follow the main love story, as well as the supporting plots, such as a love quartet, betrayal, revenge, and villainy. Keeping the story’s essence in both parts required remarkable flexibility from the actors, sets, environment characterization, and costumes. ‘Time After Time’ reached more than 173 million viewers in Brazil (considering those who tuned in for at least 1 minute of the complete telenovela) (Source: Ibope). In addition, while it aired in the country, there were over 654,000 comments about the telenovela on social networks, an average of more than 5,000 comments per chapter. Only the character Livia (Alinne Moraes) was mentioned 58,000 times.

In the 19th century, Livia is a humble girl who lives in a convent by the imposition of her mother. Meanwhile, Felipe comes from a noble family and is engaged to Melissa (Paolla Oliveira, ‘Trail of Lies’). The young couple meets in the fictional town of Campobello and lives a troubled passion with a tragic, shocking end. But not even time can break such a strong, genuine feeling. 

So, 150 years later, the couple is reunited in totally new lives. Now, Livia is the heiress to a famous wine import and export company, and engaged to Pedro (Emilio Dantas). Meanwhile, Felipe is a winemaker and married to Melissa, with whom he has a child. Due to a twist of fate, Livia and Felipe bump into each other at a subway station and feel an instant connection. From that moment, a new chance arises to overcome all obstacles and experience their unexplainable passion.

Livia and Felipe are not the only ones to receive this new opportunity. Several people who knew them in the past also have new chances to fix mistakes made in their previous lives, settle their scores, and rewrite their stories.

The essence of ‘Time After Time’ is maintained in both parts, which can be programmed in two seasons.

NATPE 2017

Globo will be located in the Trésor Tower, suite 2601, during Natpe, which will be held from January 17th until 19th. The Brazilian company that produce, distribute and exhibit multigenre content around the world to many platforms, will offer its traditional Screening Breakfast on the morning of the 17th (from 8:00 to 10:00 AM, in the Versailles Tower, at the Glimmer Ballroom), where it will launch its new catalog of unreleased titles.

Simultaneously to the event, the promo reel will also be available at, along with trailers, episodes, pictures, synopses and much more of Globo’s 2017 portfolio. 

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