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27 de Octubre de 2015

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Rua Evandro Carlos de Andrade, 160 / 7º andar
Vila Cordeiro 04583-115
São Paulo, Brazil
Tel: + 55 11 5112- 4434
Fax: + 55 115112-4018
Executives Attending:
Mr. VOLPATO, Junior – Sales Executive Asia/Oceania
Mr. CABRINI, Roberto – Sales Executive Asia/Oceania
Local: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
PRODUCTS available at ATF 2015:


In 1934, Buddhist monks saved the millionaire Franz Hauser from an avalanche in the Himalayas. Back in Brazil he is faced with the jealousy of his bastard brother who, after plotting his death, took his place in the family business. Moreover, he needs to overcome the obstacles that separate him from the woman he loves, the worker, Amélia. It’s up to Pearl, the fruit of their union, to smooth over the conflicts that prevent their love. Precious Pearl has won the 2014 International Emmy® Award in the telenovela category.

On their wedding day, Laerte’s obsessive jealousy brings his relationship with Helena to an end. Twenty years later, he meets Luiza, the daughter of his long lost love. The two fall in love and stir up dormant feelings that profoundly affect Helena’s marriage and her relationship with her daughter, who repeats her mother’s past mistakes. Defying everyone, Laerte and Luiza decide to follow their love to the highest bounds, leaving a trail of conflicts and pain along the way.

EMPIRE (160 x 1Hr*)
A heartbreak forever changed the fate of the young and humble José Alfredo. Years later, he became the Lord Alfredo, a successful owner of a jewelry empire and a man obsessed with power. Temperamental and cunning, he tries to balance his turbulent marriage, an extramarital love affair, and the dispute between his children over succession in his business. One day, however, the unexpected appearance of a possible daughter, of whom he was unaware, causes upheaval in his life and takes his familial conflicts to a whole new level.

The computer genius Jonas Marra attained fame and fortune in Silicon Valley from his respected technology conglomerate. However, he surprises everyone when he announces that he will be transferring the company to Brazil and holding a competition to choose his successor. What made Jonas make such a controversial decision? The secret not only changes the course of his business, but also leads to lustful sentiments and puts a seemingly perfect marriage to the test.

FIGHT OR LOVE? (120 x 1Hr*)
Two cousins, who hate each other and are constantly at each other’s throats, are forced to live together because of an inheritance worth millions, thus making tensions between them so much worse. Amid this lively family feud, love is also up to its old tricks, bringing couples together in an abrupt way: as in the unlikely romance between the beautiful and glamorous Juliana and the hapless driver, Nando; and provoking an assortment of romantic conflicts that set this romantic comedy in motion.


DOOMED (8 x 1Hr*)
Leandro  is a sommelier with a penchant for  women and fine wine. After seducing his boss’s wife, he is taken by surprise by the true love he feels for the married couple’s daughter, Antônia, which makes him doubt his convictions and plunge madly into a torrent of passion. When Jaime becomes aware of his wife’s infidelity, his fury coincides with the disappearance of the sommelier. Was it a planned escape or a crime of passion? The uncertainty only increases the suspense in this explosive mixture of action, romance and mystery.

THE PARTY (20 x 1Hr*)
A glamorous reception at businesswoman Angela Mahler’s mansion attracts high society: businessmen, powerful women, and bons vivants looking for some fun. Unexpectedly, a body is found in the pool and what was a party, becomes a crime scene. Thus begins a frantic hunt for the murderer. Trapped inside the house and in the investigators’ crosshairs, all the guests are suspects. The story occurs over a 24-hour period in a web of suspense, ambition, ulterior motives and uncontrollable passion.


SWEET MOTHER (14 x 30’*)
Picucha may seem old-fashioned, but she has modern ideas and a great sense of humor. At 85 years old, she pushes the limits of her age and does everything she can for her family and friends. ‘Sweet Mother’ illustrates the everyday life of the elderly with clarity and levity, and shows that youth actually starts at 80. In the role that earned her the 2013 International Emmy® Awards for Best Actress, Fernanda Montenegro adds another success to her list of characters, which includes an Oscar nomination for the film “Central Station”.



THE HUNTER (13 x 1Hr*)
André is a police officer who was arrested after being wrongly accused by his own father of being involved in a kidnapping. When he gets out of jail, he is fixated on a single goal: finding clues to prove his innocence. Barred from the police force, he starts working as a bounty hunter. And so, his relentless search for truth in the criminal underworld begins, portrayed in an electrifying crime thriller packed with action and sensuality. Each episode features a new step in the investigation and brings him closer to the evidence that will help him regain his honor, and his old life.

MERCILESS (13 x 1Hr 4K)
Edu is a young man above all suspicion: handsome, smart, sensitive, and a dedicated boyfriend. However, his perfect man appearance is simply a mask that covers up his fearsome personality: a dangerous psychopath, behind a number of crimes that have caught the police’s attention. A cold, conniving, and callous criminal; a serial killer who kills purely out of pleasure. In order to test investigators, Edu deliberately leaves clues, and thus devises an intense mind game, a psychological thriller. It becomes a question of honor for the police taskforce to uncover the true identity of a killer and the way he commits his crimes.


The Party Crashers is an irreverent comedy, that shows that everything can go right…or wrong… during Rio de Janeiro’s New Year’s Eve. Starting from the moment that Marco and Beto, two totally opposite guys, end up getting together by chance, Marco is a good-humored, fun-loving guy who loves to seduce and take advantage of others. Beto is shy, insecure and slightly annoying. The duo goes through a marathon of parties and adventures in the hopes of finding the love of Beto’s life. 

Produced by: Conspiração
Coproduced by: Globo Filmes, Teleimage, Warner Bros. Pictures, Riofilme

Pedro believed in marriage, but was abandoned by his wife who ran away pregnant with a German millionaire. After three months of depression and total isolation, Pedro hears someone knocking at his door. It is the most beautiful woman in the world holding a teacup: Amanda, the girl next door. Pedro invites her to come in and falls in love with a tender, sensitive, intelligent woman, a passionate lover who cleans the house and enjoys watching soccer. Amanda has only one problem, she doesn‘t exist.

Produced by: Conspiração
Coproduced by: Globo Filmes, Warner Bros. Pictures, YB Music

TRUST (95 min*)
Mari is a talented but insecure chef. She thinks she has found the man of her life once she meets Caio. However, things are not always what they seem to be. And now, Mari is forced to face her self-doubt to recover what she has lost. And perhaps, achieve what she never had.

Produced by: Mixer
Coproduced by Globo Filmes, Teleimage

Fernanda, a successful wedding planner, is an example of a third Millennium woman: independent and workaholic. Yet in her personal life she finds herself struggling to find a husband.

Produced by: Biônica Filmes
Coproduced by: Globo Filmes, Paramount Pictures, Telecine, Capri Produções e Br3 Produções.

* All products are in HD.

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