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‘Trail of Lies’ can be watched by TV viewers in three continents

26 June, 2014

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The telenovela ‘Trail of Lies‘ has already been licensed in European, South American and African countries. Soon, this story full of intrigue, romance and revenge will arrive in Georgia (Imedi TV) in Western Europe; in various South American countries such as Argentina (Telefé), Ecuador (Ecuavisa), Chile (Canal 13), Bolivia (Unitel), Peru (ATV), Panama (Telemetro), as well as Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. It will also be possible to see the plot in Mozambique (Soico), Africa.‘Trail of Lies’ is one of the highlights that Globo took to the NATPE in Prague, Europe. 

The telenovela is already a success in other territories such as Portugal (on air on SIC), where it is included in the list of top ten most watched programs. In Brazil, its strong storyline and comical characters guaranteed the last episode a 48 rating points with a 75% share. (Source:Ibope) – Out of every four televisions turned on, three were tuned into the plot´s final episode. 

Written by Walcyr Carrasco, author of successes such as the remake of ‘Gabriela‘ and ‘The Thorn and the Rose‘, ‘Trail of Lies‘ won over the Brazilian audience with its strong storyline and comical characters. Set in the rich and effervescent city of São Paulo, ‘Trail of Lies’ tells the story of Paloma (Paolla Oliveira, ‘Irrational Heart’), a strong-willed woman whose newborn baby is abducted by her own brother, Félix (Mateus Solano, ‘Seize the Day‘), that plans on inheriting the family fortune alone. Meanwhile, Bruno (Malvino Salvador, ‘Looks & Essence‘) is an honest man that, on the same night as he loses his wife and son, miraculously finds Paloma´s child abandoned in a dumpster. Destiny will look to unite them in a plot full of secrets, revelations and disputes, with the unforeseeable consequences of lives built on a surprising and dangerous web of lies. 

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