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India: A Love Story‘ debuts with high audience ratings

28 January, 2009

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Stunning images of the Indian cities and the high audience ratings among Brazilian viewers mark the excellent debut of ‘India: A Love Story‘, the latest telenovela from TV Globo in Brazil. Broadcast on prime time, the first episode of the plot reached 39 points, equivalent to 61% of televisions during the broadcast slot.

Substituting the telenovela ‘The Favourite‘, an audience success in Brazil and one of the big bets for TV Globo international at Natpe 2009, ‘India: A Love Story‘ will show as its central plot the forbidden love affair between young Indians from different backgrounds. Maya Meetha is happy, intelligent, works in a telemarketing centre in Rajastan and belongs to a traditional family from the merchant class. Bahuan is graduating in the US, works in an American firm, but never forgot the humiliations he suffered as a child because of being an Untouchable - part of the human contingent that the sacred texts refer to as "the dust at the feet of the god Brahma.", those considered impure and are condemned to not even let their shadow touch someone from a higher caste. This system was outlawed, but the customs still exists.

Written by Glória Peres (author of the international success ‘The Clone’, which has already been sold to 90 countries and will be adapted exclusively for the Hispanic North American market), ‘India: A Love Sotory’ was filmed initially in beautiful and symbolic locations, like Jaipur, known as the Pink City, and Agra, famous for the Taj Mahal. With this production TV Globo maintains its strategy of producing telenovelas using international locations, reinforcing the universality of its work.

In order to portray the day-to-day activities from the other side of the world, close to 40 people from the Brazilian producer‘s team traveled to the country and worked in partnership with the Indian production company Stratum. Actors, like Tony Ramos (Belíssima), Lima Duarte (Shades of Sin) and Juliana Paes (América), left for India at the start of November, where they started to give life to their characters. The first meetings of the protagonists Maya and Bahuan, the routine of the young woman with Raj, the clashes between Opash and Shrankar and the adaptation of Brazilian woman Camila to a very different culture from her own.

In addition to Jaipur and Agra, other international locations have already been used in the Brazilian production company‘s telenovelas. Recently, the heavenly landscape of Bali, in Indonesia, set the stage for the first film shoots of ‘Três Irmãs’, ‘América’ had shoots in the US; in ‘Pages of Life‘ the beauty of Amsterdam inspired the start of a love story between the protagonists; ‘Two Faces‘ had scenes filmed in important tourist locations in Paris; ‘Negócio da China’ was partly shot in Macau and Hong Kong; ‘Belíssima’ showed images of Athens and the Greek islands, Milos e Santorini.

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