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Another success from Globo debuts on Uruguayan programming

23 July, 2013

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Globo’s telenovela ‘Sparkling Girls’, a fictional narrative about three maids who are transformed into a successful trio of singers, debuts on Teledoce (Uruguay) this Tuesday, the 23rd, in the 7pm timeslot. The story promises to be another programming success for the Uruguayan broadcaster, which has shown Brazilian drama for several decades. Currently, Teledoce has three Globo productions in its programming that are audience leaders in their respective timeslots: ‘Destiny River’, ‘The Life We Lead’ and ‘Brazil Avenue’.

‘Sparkling Girls’ brings with it contagious, original music, elaborate costumes, and a lot of glitter. In the plot, a video clip of the three protagonists Penha (Taís Araújo, ‘Shades of Sin’), Rosário (Leandra Leal, ‘Passione’), and Cida (Isabelle Drummond, ‘The Enchanted Tale’) goes viral and becomes an instant hit. The three girls awaken the wrath of a famous singer who, full of glamour and envy, will do anything to ruin the girls’ friendship.

In Brazil, the success of the story went beyond television, with the use of the internet and social networks both in the launch campaign and in the plot of the telenovela itself. The music videos “Vida de Empreguete” and “Nosso Brilho”, recorded by the trio of protagonists, were accessed 14.5 million times. Shown on Access primetime of Globo in Brazil, the telenovela’s last episode reached the impressive mark of 32 rating points with 56% participation (source: Ibope).

In its programming, Teledoce also shows the 2011 International Emmy Awards nominee in the “Best Telenovela” category, ‘Destiny River’, in its 6pm timeslot, where it receives an average of 10.7 rating points and 22% share. ‘The Life We Lead’, which tells the moving story of two sisters who together overcome the twists and turns of life, is shown in the 7pm timeslot, with an average of 13.7 rating points and 24% share. In addition, ‘Brazil Avenue’, one of Globo’s greatest primetime hits in recent times and a licensing success, is in the broadcaster’s 10:15pm timeslot and gets an average of 16.6 rating points and 30% share (source: IBOPE Media Uruguay).

See the trailer for ‘Sparkling Girls’ here 

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