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Globo productions lead primetime and access primetime in Uruguay

29 May, 2012

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The soap operas ‘The Buzz’ and ‘Irrational Heart’ by Globo TV International are leading the audience on Teledoce, the largest open TV channel in Uruguay. ‘The Buzz’, which airs at 18:00 pm obtained an average of 11.6 rating points and a 28% share from January 2nd to May 4th, while ‘Irrational Heart’ which airs at the channel’s primetime (21:30 pm) gained an average of 17.7 rating points and 27% of the share in first month of broadcast, between April 10th and May 3rd (source: Ibope Uruguai).

With a lot of humor, ‘The Buzz’ recounts the story of the rivalry between Andre Spina (Alexandre Borges, ‘Belíssima’) and Ariclenes Martins (Murílo Benício, ‘The Clone’) which began in their childhood and lasts until adulthood, when the two enter into the competitive and glamorous world of fashion. Andre and Ariclenes do not have much talent, but when they take on their personas Jacques Leclair and Victor Valemtim, two high fashion designers, they assume the posture of true stylists.  

‘The Buzz’, written by Maria Adelaide Amaral (‘Seven Women’) and directed by Jorge Fernando (‘Watercolors of Love’), is a remake of the soap opera with the same name, which was a big hit in Brazil in the 1980’s. Actors from the first version starred in the new version in different roles, such as Malu Mader and Luis Gustavo (‘Cat’s Cradle’).  The cast also includes Ísis Valverde (‘Tropical Paradise’), Christiane Torloni (‘America’), Marco Ricca (‘Tropical Paradise’), Fernanda Souza (‘The Prophet’), Caio Castro (‘Looks & Essence’), among others.
The moving soap opera ‘Irrational Heart’ deals with the turbulent history between the brothers Pedro (Eriberto Leão, ‘Paradise City’) and Leo (Gabriel Braga Nunes, ‘Her Own Destiny’). Driven by cruelty and an eternal jealousy, Leo is capable of anything to ruin the lives of all those around him, including the love of his brother’s life, Marina (Paola Oliveira, ‘The Prophet’).  Thoughtless attitudes transform the life of these two brothers into a fascinating storyline filled with lots of suspense, intrigue, vengeance and passion.   
The cast of ‘Irrational Heart’ includes well-known names such as Antônio Fagundes (‘Two Faces’), Camila Pitanga (‘Cat’s Cradle’), Deborah Secco (‘The Favorite’), Lázaro Ramos (‘Snakes & Lizards’), among others.


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