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TV Globo shoots scenes for the new primetime telenovela, ĎAvenida Brasilí, in Argentina

26 March, 2012

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The city of Mendonza, in Argentina, was the backdrop of a filmshoot for the lastest TV Globo telenovela, ‘Avenida Brasil’, which premieres on Monday April 26th in Brazil. The region, one of the most important in the country, is known for its wine production and sets the scene to show the life of Nina (Débora Falabella, ‘The Clone’) with the family who took her in when she lived in a rubbish dump. It is during this part of the plot that the audience will find out a bit about the adult life of the telenovela’s leading female role.

The main story reveals Rita/Nina (Débora Falabella) as a young woman obsessed with her search for justice. When she was a child, Rita (Mel Maia) is abandoned by her step-mother, Carminha (Adriana Esteves). After this, she is adopted by a family and taken to Argentina.
The filmshoots in Argentina, which relied on a team of 23 professionals, lasted a week and were concentrated in the province’s capital, which has the same name as the city, Mendonza.  Even the scenes of Nina in her restaurant were shot – along with her daily routine – and also those with her boyfriend , Hector (Daniel Kuzniecka).

‘Avenida Brasil’, by João Emanuel Carneiro (‘Cat’s Cradle’) and directed by Ricardo Waddington (‘The Favorite’), will replace ‘Fina Estampa’. In addition to Débora Falabella, the telenovela features stars such as Murilo Benício (The Clone) and Cauã Reymond (Passione) in the main plot.
The cast also includes Alexandre Borges (‘The Buzz’), Heloísa Périssé (‘Cat’s Cradle’), Eliane Giardini (‘The Clone’), Vera Holtz (‘Passione’), José de Abreu (Forbidden Desire),  Ísis Valverde (‘India: A Love Story’) and Carolina Ferraz (‘Belíssima’), among others.

Globo Network  

Globo Network (Rede Globo) is a producer of Brazilian content that stands out on the international market. It has an audiovisual production center at its main offices in Rio de Janeiro, the Globo Production Center, where around 2,500 hours of programming per year are created – the equivalent of more than 1,200 movies.

For more than 30 years, Globo TV has placed its productions on the international market. Last year, Globo TV International, the area responsible for distribution of products from the broadcaster abroad, licensed 30 thousand hours of programming to 138 countries, without counting coproduction projects.

As well as distribution of content, the presence of the company on the international market is reinforced by Globo TV Sports, which distributes soccer matches, beach volleyball, automobile racing and marathons that take place in Brazil.  The distributor is active in regions such as Asia, North and South America, Eastern Europe, China and Western Europe.

Globo productions also arrive at 115 countries by means of TV Globo Internacional. Launched in 1999, it was the first ethnic channel from Brazil to be transmitted via satellite to Portuguese speakers and Brazilian emigrants with digital quality 24 hours a day. The programming of TV Globo Internacional is composed of real time news, live sports, telenovelas, miniseries, children’s programs and varieties, which arrive at the subscribers’ homes via cable, satellite and IPTV.

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